Quality Welding, Inc.

- Provides fabricated structural and miscellaneous metals as well as a complete welding service on a timely and competitive basis

- Located in Charlottesville Virginia, Quality Welding, Inc. is centrally located in the state to meet the certified welding needs for many customers.

Meeting Your Steel Requirements

For the Architect:

Discuss and review fabricating techniques.

Resolve steel design products.

Prepare budgetary estimates.

For the General Contractor:

Provide steel take-offs from architectrural drawings.

Generate shop drawings.

Fabricate structural and miscellaneous steel.

Supply field welding.

Size columns and beams.

Design miscellaneous steel products to building codes.

For the Homeowner:

Design, build, and install artistic and utilitarian renditions which meet the style of your own imagination.

- Spiral Stairs, Standard Stairs, Rails, Fences, Gates, Ladders and more...

For those needing Equipment Repair:

To minimize the delay in completing your project, equipment repair is available at the shop or in the field.


Many sizes and shapes are in stock at our shop with prompt delivery for all requirements. Reinforcing steel is fabricated to the CRSI standards.

Specialty Items:

Steel joist and deck can be designed and/or supplied as required. Numerous other construction items can be selected and ordered.

These can be fabricated from Aluminum, Bronze or Steel. Examples include: tables, brackets, signs, chandeliers, truck racks, etc.

Meeting Your Needs for Certification

- When your specifications require that welding must be certified to the AWS and ASME codes, we are qualified to understand the requirements and to furnish the welders to meet the test.

- Where design requirements are to be reviewed and certified by a professional engineer, we can conduct the investigation and pursue it to a conclusion.

- We have design experience to assist you or your client in situations that occur unexpectedly and need immediate expert attention.

Providing Assistance

- If you have a question about the manner or means to solve a welding problem, we can assist in the solution, and certify the fix.

- We determine the solution to your steel beam and column problems, as well as your steel joist and deck requirements for any application.

Design Services:


Shop Drawings

Take-offs and Estimates